Cookie Policy

With this cookie policy, we wish to inform you about the use of cookies or similar storage technologies (hereafter referred to as “cookies”) on this website.

What are cookies? Cookies are small text files that your browser stores on your device to save certain information or image files, like pixels. The next time you visit our website on the same device, the information saved in the cookies will subsequently be transmitted back to our website (“First-party cookie”) or to another website to which the cookie belongs (“Third-party cookie”).

Through the saved and returned information, the respective website recognizes that you have already accessed and visited it with the browser you use on that device. We use this information to be able to design and display the website optimally in line with your preferences.

In that regard, only the cookie is identified on your device. Beyond this extent, your personal data will only be saved upon your express consent or if strictly necessary to be able to use the service offered to you accordingly.

Consent for the use of cookies Cookies that are not strictly necessary to make the services available on our website are only used when we obtain your consent. As soon as you actively accept the use of cookies through the cookie banner on our website, you consent to the use of cookies.

Of course, you can customize your cookie settings at any time, for example, by activating or deactivating individual cookie categories.

You can find out how to deactivate or delete cookies in general (i.e., including essential cookies) in your browser in the last section of this Cookie Policy.

Categories of cookies We divide the cookies we use into the following categories based on their purpose and function:
    1. Strictly Necessary Cookies.
    2. Functional Cookies.
    3. Performance Cookies.
    4. Marketing / Third-party / Consent-based Cookies.

  Deactivation or deletion of cookies You can configure your web browser in such a way that the storage of cookies on your device is generally prevented and/or you are asked each time if you agree to the enabling of cookies. You can also delete cookies that have been re-enabled at any time. You can find out how all this works in detail through your browser’s help function.

Please note that generally deactivating cookies may lead to functional restrictions on our website.